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African American Caribbean Organization (AACO)

The purpose of this organization is to create a welcoming environment for students to be educated about a variety of cultures, as well as its history. Philanthropic and multicultural events will take place in order to aid and celebrate the cultures

American Red Cross Club of Molloy College (RCC)

The American Red Cross Club of Molloy College seeks to accomplish 1. Public awareness of health and safety issues 2. Disaster preparedness 3. Organization of training courses 4. Fundraising 5. Volunteer Registration

American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club raises awareness for the deaf population and is involved with community service projects in the local community. We welcome all and invite you to join us in our efforts.

Anime Club

From watching anime episodes, to playing hit video game classics, to discussing all the latest news within the realm of fandom, the Anime Club is open to anyone and everyone that shares a passion for anime, manga, comics, games and Japanese culture.

Art Club

The Molloy College Art club is designed to introduce art to the Molloy College Community.

Biology Club

The Biology Club intends to spark an interest in biology outside of the classroom through social interactions in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Break the Silence Club

The purpose of this organization is to end the silence associated with relationship violence through education, training, and responsible action.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (B.A.S.I.C.)

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (B.A.S.I.C.) is a club aimed at educating students on the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing a supportive and social environment in which students can learn and be heard.

Business and Accounting Club

The Molloy Business and Accounting Club is an organization that provides students with an opportunity to participate in a dynamic business minded atmosphere. It is a venue for students to network, hear guest speakers, attend campus events and much more!

Campus Life

Hello Lions! Are you interested in joining a campus club or organization? Attending an event on or off campus? Campus Life is here to help you GET INVOLVED and make the most of your Molloy experience!

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